6 Things to Know if You Want to Look Attractive in Saree

6 Things to Know if You Want to Look Attractive in Saree
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Can you really look attractive in saree? Actually, a saree can be the best figure-flattering dress you will ever wear, if you know how to pick it, drape it, and combine it. This Indian outfit can enhance your curves and hug your body like no other. So, how to look beautiful and attractive in saree? There are few tips and tricks. Previously, we talked about wearing sarees with leggings. The Indian Rose today will help you nail how to pick, combine, and drape a saree. Read on to learn how to look attractive in saree in 6 simple steps.


1. Pick the right fabric

First things first, if you want to look attractive in saree you need to find a fabric that not only suits your body shape and flatters your curves, but also looks elegant and not tacky. Fabrics that enhance curves in an elegant way are fluid silks, cotton, and tissue silks. Those fabrics will never cling to your body in a tacky way, they’ll simply add more volume and enhance natural curves in the right places. Avoid clingy fabrics to look beautiful and attractive in saree.


2. Choose the right color scheme

We all know what color compliments us the most. Choosing the right color combination is very important if you want to look attractive in saree. There are lots of attractive saree designs and colors to choose from, so pick one that suits you, but also keep in mind what kind of event you are attending. Looking attractive in saree also means wearing a saree that suits the occasion. If what you aim for is looking elegant, pick a light color such as white or cream. If you want to stand out, you can never go wrong with bright colors like pink, yellow, and orange. Bright poppy colors will make you look fresh and young.

This is an attractive white saree that’s also quite affordable:

3. Borders and prints

Broad and elaborate borders are to be avoided if you want to look sexy in saree. Go for an attractive print or beautiful embroidery instead. If you pick an attractive saree design with elaborate prints, then choose a plain blouse and vice versa. Taller women can easily look attractive in a saree with larger prints, while petite women should opt for delicate small prints.


4. Be trendy: high-necked blouses

Now, the blouse design is key for looking attractive in saree. High-neck blouses with small and delicate embroidery are the latest trend. Pick one with slightly puffed sleeves to make your look truly stand out. Moreover, tube tops, off-shoulder blouses, and wide-neck blouses are great options for smaller bust women. If you want to look beautiful and attractive in saree for a special occasion, you can also get padded saree blouses. If you are a flower power type, mix and match a saree with boho Indian clothing.


5. Draping your saree

Always try to drape your saree slightly lower than your waist to accentuate your curves and look attractive in saree. You can also pleat your pallu and pin it neatly at your shoulder; that will make your waist stand out.


look beautiful and attractive in saree


6. Accessorize with style

When it comes to looking attractive in saree, less is more. A saree is an important dress, and should be the centre of attention. Go for minimal jewelry; you can add statement earrings or a sleek neck chain. If you’re attending a party, a nice compact clutch can add shine to your outfit. Never carry big bags if you want to look attractive in saree.



Looking beautiful and attractive in saree comes down to 6 key elements: fabric, color, print, blouse, draping, and accessories. Choosing the right saree for your body type can be a little tricky in the beginning, but once you figure it out, you can play with the rest of the elements to create your unique style, the one that truly makes you look attractive in saree.


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