Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Facial Hair Removal

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Facial Hair Removal


Ayurvedic home remedies for facial hair removal were developed by observing the effects of certain plants on the human body. Ayurvedic facial hair removal methods are more medical than Indian remedies for facial hair: the following Ayurveda tips for facial hair address the problem from its root. In this article we will talk about different Ayurvedic home remedies for facial hair removal, including Ayurvedic permanent hair removal powder. Read on to discover all about Ayurveda and facial hair.


Thanaka powder and kusumba oil permanent hair removal


Thanaka powder for facial hair removal


What is thanaka powder? Thanaka powder is one of the best and oldest Ayurvedic home remedies for facial hair removal. It is basically grounded barks of the Burmese Thanaka tree. It can be purchased in Ayurvedic stores and comes as a white-yellowish powder, with varying degrees of purity. Grade A Thanaka is absolutely pure, and is the best for this Ayurvedic home remedy for facial hair. Grade B and C are mixed with Multani Mitti and sandal powder.

Thanaka powder benefits for skin:

  1. Thanaka nourishes dry skin
  2. Because of its antibacterial properties, thanaka powder for facial hair removal cleanses impurities, preventing blackheads
  3. Thanaka contains vitamin E, which fights free radicals, rejuvenating the skin
  4. It has tyrosinase inhibiting properties, which make skin lighter, while also preventing spots and melasma.

When you use thanaka powder for facial hair removal, you will also benefit from the above properties.


Safflower oil for hair removal (Kusuma Oil)


What is safflower oil? Safflower oil is extracted from the safflower seeds of the safflower plant (Carthamus tinctorius), which grows in seasonal rain climates. Safflower oil is clear, yellowish, almost colourless and flavourless, and is used both in cooking and cosmetics. Safflower oil is used in India as an Ayurvedic remedy for facial hair removal, and as part of the best Ayurvedic hair removal powder.

What is safflower oil called in hindi? Safflower oil is known in India as Kusuma oil (कुसुम).

What are the benefits of safflower oil? Safflower oil removes hair from skin and makes skin soft.


Thanaka kusuma hair removal


Thanaka kusuma hair removal is a thousand years old Ayurvedic remedy for facial hair removal. Burmese women get rid of all their facial hair by applying thanaka kusuma hair removal every day. By using thanaka and kusuma your hair will get thinner, softer, and eventually stop growing altogether.


How to use thanaka powder and kusumba oil



1 tbsp thanaka powder

1 or 2 tablespoons kusuma / safflower oil



Remove your facial hair by sugar waxing or threading

Make a paste by mixing thanaka powder with kusuma oil. The paste should have the thickness of a cream

Apply on facial hair areas

Massage thoroughly until the cream is absorbed by the pores and penetrates into the hair follicles

Leave on face for 20 minutes, or better overnight, before rinsing

Repeat daily


Thanaka kusuma hair removal


Does thanaka powder and kusuma oil really work? Thanaka powder and kusuma oil work. They are considered an Ayurvedic permanent hair removal powder. If applied correctly, the mixture penetrates the hair follicle, preventing the hair root from getting nutrients, thus weakening it. Thanaka powder and kusumba oil hair removal destroys hair follicles for good, without pain. In people with very strong hair, it may significantly diminish the density, but not eliminate the hair completely.

How long does the thanaka kusuma remedy take to act? It really depends on the strength of your hair follicles. It may take months. Use the remedy every day until you see a significant decrease, then apply it once a week.

Thanaka powder and kusumba oil side effects: there are no known side effects to this wonderful Ayurvedic hair removal powder. Stop using it if you see abnormal reactions.

Now that you know the best Ayurvedic home remedy for facial hair removal, we will give you a few additional Ayurveda tips for facial hair.


Ayurvedic permanent hair removal powder


This is a 100% Ayurvedic facial hair removal, and the best part is that it is permanent. Get the herbs from a reliable Ayurvedic store, or online.



2 tsp shankhbhasma

1 tsp haritaal bhasma

1 tsp sarjika kshar

½ tsp Manashila



Sugar wax or thread your facial hair

Powder the herbs (if they aren’t already)

Mix the powder with water to form a thick paste

Apply the paste on skin with a brush in the opposite direction of hair growth

Let dry for 2 hours


After a couple of months you will see the results of this amazing Ayurvedic permanent hair removal powder.


Ayurveda turmeric hair removal


In Ayurveda, as well as in Indian traditional culture, turmeric is used to slow down hair growth. Here is another Ayurveda hair removal powder:


Ayurveda turmeric hair removal



1 inch dry turmeric

5 Acalphya indica (Khokli) leaves

5 neem leaves




Grind down the ingredients

Make a paste by mixing them with some milk

Massage the paste on face before going to sleep

Peel it off and wash skin in the morning.


Ayurveda tip for facial hair: salt


According to Ayurveda, a mixture of salt and turmeric slows down hair growth and weakens hair follicles to the point where the hairs fall out.



2 tbsp turmeric powder

2 tbsp salt

3 tbsp milk



Make a paste by mixing the 3 ingredients

Massage the paste on facial hair areas, letting it penetrate into the follicles


Repeat daily

Ayurvedic herbs for facial hair removal


Asoka Gritha: this Ayurvedic remedy for facial hair has to be taken daily: 2 tablespoons in the morning and 2 in the evening until you see your hair growth slowing down.

Asokarishtam: take 20 ml daily of this herb.


Additional Ayurveda tips for facial hair


Ayurvedic home remedies for facial hair removal address the cause of facial hair: hormonal imbalance. Fennel seeds (sauf) as well as flaxseeds and liquorice (mulethi) can be ingested to reduce testosterone levels. You can try one of our Indian mouth fresheners containing those ingredients.

Brahmi is an Ayurveda facial hair removal herb containing a phytoestrogen enzyme that restores hormonal balance, thus reducing facial hair.

We always recommend seeing an Ayurvedic doctor for personalised diagnosis. Try our Ayurvedic remedies for facial hair removal and let us know how they worked for you!


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  • hey, im a 19yo guy from Malaysia and i’ve been using this ayurvedic hair removal to remove my body hair which is using thanaka powder and safflowerroil. I’ve been using this remedy for almost 2 weeks now i..i apply it everyday before i go to sleep all over my body and wash it offf in the morning. Will this remove my body hair?i hope so TT

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