Can I Wear Leggings Under a Saree? How and When?

Can I Wear Leggings Under a Saree? How and When?


Can I wear leggings under a saree is one of those questions people ask before a big event , where they want to look at their best. Well, we can say you can proudly wear leggings under a saree, in this tutorial The Indian Rose will explain you why and how!


Reasons to Wear Leggings under a Saree

You don’t like petticoats: many people choose not to wear petticoats under a saree, and leggings are one of the many replacements for petticoats!


Looking slimmer: If you are a bit chubby and want to look slimmer, wearing leggings under a saree instead of a petticoat will help not create additional volume. To look even slimmer, pick sarees in crepe, silk or georgette. If on the other hand you are slim and wondering “can I wear leggings under a saree”, of course you can, but you will look even slimmer. If you want to add volume, a lehenga skirt will probably do the job better than leggings.

Check out this article for tips on how to look attractive in saree.


saree with leggings


Indo-Western style saree: it is a very popular trend. If you want to try the Indo-Western style saree, get a nice pair of leggings and a top and follow the instructions below.


Tulip saree style or half dhoti: this style was made popular by Sonam Kapoor and Anamika Khanna. It requires a shorter saree than usual and pants, usually fancy leggings.


You like to mix and match ethnic and modern wear, like in Indian boho clothing style.


You want comfort: maybe you are not used to wearing a saree and want to wear it without feeling clumsy, or maybe you just want to move around with comfort during a special occasion. That might be a reason to ask “can I wear leggings with a saree?”. You can definitely wear leggings under a saree because leggings can be more comfortable to move around with than petticoats.


You live outside India: nice petticoats might not be readily available to you, or you do not want to look too ethnic maybe. No problem! Just wear leggings under a saree!


Marathi style: if you want to wear a saree in traditional marathi style but do not feel confident going nude, you might be wondering can I wear leggings under a saree. You can, but the leggings should be knee length as you do not want them to be visible, they are there just in case of an accident!!!


leggings saree


How to Wear Leggings Under a Saree


If you want to wear leggings under a saree, our suggestion is to make the leggings visible, as in the Indo-Western style. There are so many nice leggings around these days… So get a nice pair of leggings and a top you like. Then just tie the pleated saree in the centre front (inside the elastic band of your leggings), then tie it on the left hip and pass around the back. Make pallu pleats with the other end of the saree. Bring the pallu pleats from around your back to the front and on the left shoulder. Leave the saree minimal and loose to show your beautiful leggings and top.

Something you can try if you are wearing leggings under a saree is to wear a transparent saree and give importance to the leggings and top. Of course, do that only when appropriate!

Recommendation: bear in mind that it will be difficult to go to the loo without untying your saree, so either wear the “leggings under saree style” for short spells, or be prepared to drape the saree again! However, it looks so nice that it is worth the effort!


Alternatives to wearing leggings under a saree: if you like pants under a saree, you can also substitute leggings with salwar, palazzos, jeggings, tights, or jeans. Experiment to find the best style for you!


When not to wear leggings under a saree

The answer to can I wear leggings under a saree might become no in a few occasions. Number one is a hyper-traditional event. You want to stick to a petticoat for that. Number 2 is a very formal work environment, see can I wear salwar kameez for interview for our top tips on how to dress for the office. In general, just be considerate and do not take unnecessary risks! However, as we said, in most occasions, the answer to can I wear leggings under a saree is yes!


wear leggings under a saree


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