How to Copy Sadhana Retro Look

How to Copy Sadhana Retro Look

Sadhana retro look is one of the most celebrated in Bollywood, as it belongs to what is known as the Bollywood golden era. The reason why Sadhana became a fashion icon is her famous “Sadhana cut”. However, not everybody knows that she personally created other fashion trends as well, such as the tight Sadhana churidar, in vogue until the late 70s. So, if you want to look like Sadhana for a retro style party, or draw inspiration from Sadhana style for your everyday look, or if you are just curious about her style, read carefully as The Indian Rose will uncover details about how to cut Sadhana cut, Sadhana style saree, Sadhana churidar as well as makeup. Basically how to copy Sadhana retro look.

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The famous Sadhana hairstyle: Sadhana cut

Sadhana hairstyle: she made it famous in Love in Simla and India loved it and copied it. The history of the Sadhana cut goes like this: since she had a broad forehead, director R.K. Nayyar wanted to hide it at all costs. One day he gave Sadhana’s hair stylist a picture of Audrey Hepburn and told him to copy her fringe. That’s how the Sadhana cut was born. For a Sadhana retro look, you MUST copy this hairstyle!

Sadhana haircut in English: in English Sadhana cut can be called “bang with short and soft fringe”. You can use this sentence to describe it to your hairstylist, or… you can try to cut your fringe yourself:

How to cut Sadhana cut: you can achieve a Sadhana cut at home by taking a small section of hair at the front and cutting it really short. After that, cut a few vertical sections from the fringe with your scissors to get the Sadhana cut layered look.

If you want to copy Sadhana retro look in Love in Simla, read the following chapter:

How to look like Sadhana in Love in Simla (1960)

Sadhana retro look in Love in Simla

So, the fringe is clear. Let’s see other features of Sadhana retro look in Love in Simla. We picked Sadhana style from the song Haseeno Ki Sawari Hai:

Sadhana outfit in Love in Simla: Sadhana looks very elegant in Love in Simla. In Haseeno Ki Sawari Hai she wears a light kurta with embroidered collar, a wide and long white skirt, a white dupatta worn as a foulard, on the back of the neck, with the ends towards the front. This is a very interesting Indian meet West look as it has the elegance of the 50s Western cinema, achieved using Indian clothing.

Sadhana accessories in Love in Simla: a pair of burgundy cluster earrings with diamond borders, a fabric choker necklace with a chasm similar to the earrings, wide diamond bangles and you have a perfect Sadhana retro look!

Sadhana hairstyle in Love in Simla: apart from the iconic Sadhana fringe, she has long wavy hair, with a half up half down hairstyle.

Sadhana makeup in Love in Simla: of course, like most 50s and 60s Bollywood actresses, she had wing tipped eyeliner! She has full and dark brows, slightly arched and defined by a pencil, and dark matte lips. Her skin is flawless and very light, so use a good matte face powder. Other than that, Sadhana makeup is very natural.

Sadhana look in Love in Simla is the look that introduced her to the world of fashion thanks to her Sadhana cut. However, there are other looks that made fashion history…

How to look like Sadhana in Waqt (1965)

Sadhana retro look in Waqt

This is the movie that made the Sadhana churidar famous, so we picked her look in yellow churidar kurta from the movie song Hum Jab Simat Ke Aapki.

Sadhana churidar: in the movie Waqt, Sadhana once again set the trend with her famous Sadhana churidar. Sadhana churidar is a sleeveless tight churidar-kurta perfect for all body types, especially for rounded women. The change she introduced was a modernisation of the Muslim salwar kurta. She basically wore a churidar paired with a tight sleeveless kurta embroidered on the V neck collar and the bust line, that revealed her forms. The one she wears in Waqt is yellow, with yellow dupatta.

Sadhana Waqt accessories: she wears big silver pendant earrings and yellow gajra flowers in the hair.

Sadhana Waqt hairstyle: this is Sadhana hairstyle at its best, with Sadhana fringe and a long side braid with a bouffant.

Sadhana Waqt makeup: in Waqt the makeup is heavier and more 60s style than in Love in Simla. More defined eyebrows, long winged line on the upper eyelid and very natural on the lips.

You know everything about Sadhana retro look now, just one other Sadhana style we would like to mention because it is so classy…

Sadhana style saree: like most actresses from the 60s, Sadhana wore chiffon sarees. In Arzoo she wears embroidered floral sarees with ruby details. Sadhana style saree is mostly characterised by sleeveless blouses. However, for a recognisable Sadhana retro look, opt for her famous tight churidar-kurta.

Follow our 6 golden rules to nail a saree attractive look.

Enjoy your Bollywood retro party! We hope this insight into Sadhana hairstyle, Sadhana churidar, makeup, and Sadhana retro look in general has been of help!

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