How To Get Rid of Bad Breath Naturally and Fast: Indian Remedies

How To Get Rid of Bad Breath Naturally and Fast: Indian Remedies


If you are looking for natural ways to get rid of bad breath quickly, you are not alone. It is estimated that roughly 30% of men and women suffer from halitosis. What many people are concerned about is how to freshen breath without toothpaste, because there are so many occasions on which we simply cannot brush our teeth, so we need to find alternative ways to get rid of bad breath fast.

Indian culture has its own answer to how to get rid of bad breath fast naturally. As usual, the Indian remedies for bad breath we talk about are absolutely natural and good for you.

Read on to discover: causes of bad breath, Indian remedies against bad breath, Ayurvedic medicine for halitosis (including an Ayurvedic mouthwash recipe), and other remedies to get rid of bad breath naturally and fast.


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Causes of Bad Breath


Bacteria on teeth and tongue is the most common cause of bad breath. Natural remedies to get rid of bad breath fast can greatly help.

Smelly food: Particles of onion and garlic travel deep into the lungs, and remain in your mouth even after brushing teeth. Our Indian remedies to get rid of bad breath fast and naturally are especially effective in eliminating the smell of garlic and onion.

Smoking and drinking alcohol

Lack of hydration: saliva is key to protecting your mouth from bacteria and prevent halitosis.

Bad diet: a diet too rich in fat creates ketones, byproducts of fat that ferment in your body, come back through the esophagus, and produce bad breath.

Digestion: digestive problems, gas, ulcer, reflux can greatly affect your breath. The remedies we propose, especially the Ayurvedic remedies for bad breath, have a strong focus on improving digestion. For serious digestion related problems, you should see your health practitioner.

Other health issues: sinusitis, cavities, and even some types of cancer can trigger bad breath. If this is your case, contact your doctor.


Indian remedies against bad breath: natural and fast!


Indian wisdom often has a healthy answer to modern problems, see for example how beneficial gram flour for acne is. Bad breath is not an exception. Here are the quickest ways to get rid of bad breath, the Indian way.

Water and lemon: in Ayurveda it is recommended to drink a glass of hot water with a squeeze of lemon everyday: it removes bad breath instantly. You can also use lime and add a bit of cinnamon to make your breath even more pleasant.

Chai: Yes! Chai helps you get rid of bad breath fast and naturally: black tea contains polyphenols that fight bacteria responsible for halitosis.

Cardamom: the Indian answer to toothpaste and the best way to freshen breath without toothpaste. Simply chew one or two cardamom seeds to get rid of bad breath instantly.

Other spices and seeds: fenugreek seeds, cinnamon, aniseeds, cloves, and especially fennel seeds are all excellent Indian remedies against bad breath. You can carry them with you to chew whenever you need to freshen your breath without toothpaste. Those spices will not only fight bad breath bacteria through their antiseptic properties, they will also help you digest. Chewing them after every meal is the best Ayurvedic remedy against bad breath.

Discover how to make Healthy Indian mouth fresheners!

In our opinion, the best remedies to get rid of bad breath fast and naturally are fennel seeds and cardamom, because they work instantly and are easy to carry with you. That is why fennel is one of the main ingredients in the Indian mouth freshener called mukhwas.



Ayurveduc remedies against bad breath


According to Ayurveda, the cause of bad breath is often related to digestion or poor dental hygiene. That is why the main Ayurvedic remedy against halitosis is a natural seed that acts both on digestion and oral hygiene: fennel seeds, saunf in Hindi, or foeniculum vulgare seeds in biology.

The benefits of fennel seeds are multiple. Anethole essential oil contained in fennel seeds helps digest smoothly, reducing stomach gas, aromatising and freshening the mouth. Chewing raw fennel seeds is the best way to enjoy their multiple benefits according to Ayurveda. In our articles about mukhwas and paan, we include fennel seeds Ayurvedic recipes.

Another popular Ayurvedic remedy against bad breath is tongue scraping. According to Ayurveda, bad breath can be caused by a white coating on the tongue called ama, made of bacteria that generate sulfur odors. This can be eliminated by using a tongue scraper or by simply brushing your tongue. One of the best ways to make your breath fresh instantly!

Oil pulling against bad breath: here is another Ayurvedic remedy against bad breath that is becoming increasingly popular. Swish a tablespoon of sesame, sunflower or coconut oil in all corners of your mouth every morning for 20 minutes on an empty stomach. In 15 days your bad breath will start to vanish.

Ayurveda also advises against day sleep and breathing through the mouth if you want to get rid of bad breath fast and naturally.


Ayurvedic mouthwash recipe


Another great Ayurvedic remedy against bad breath is gargling a natural mouthwash.

Here is our Ayurvedic mouthwash recipe:



1 cup water
3 smashed cardamoms pods
A piece of ginger root, grated



Boil the water together with cardamom and ginger for 3-4 minutes
Leave to rest for 10 minutes
Gargle for 5 minutes twice a day.
Ayurvedic remedies for halitosis are holistic and natural, definitely worth trying.



More Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath Quickly and Naturally


Hard texture veggies and fruits such as apple, celery and cucumber not only freshen the breath, but also act as natural toothbrushes by removing food stuck in the teeth. Apples in particular contain pectin, which gets rid of odours and stimulates saliva production. A good way to freshen your breath without toothpaste!

Chewing a few leaves of mint or parsley freshens up the breath instantly.

Natural, sugar-free peppermint candies work wonders when it comes to getting rid of bad breath quickly and naturally.

Gargling a glass of water and salt freshens up the breath instantly. Do not swallow.

Green tea refreshes the breath.

Natural mouthwashes: add a couple of drops of tea tree oil or peppermint oil to a glass of water, or make our Ayurvedic mouthwash recipe.

Probiotics make you digest better, preventing food from fermenting in the stomach.

Natural yogurt: its active cultures help you get rid of bad breath naturally.

Whole foods eliminate ketons, responsible for body odors.

Finally, brush and floss your teeth twice a day. A little secret to get rid of bad breath fast naturally is to add a drop of tea tree oil to the toothpaste!


Now you know the best ways to get rid of bad breath fast naturally, let us know how they worked for you in the comments below.

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