The Ultimate Ayurvedic Bedtime Beauty Routine

The Ultimate Ayurvedic Bedtime Beauty Routine

This Ayurvedic bedtime beauty routine will cleanse your skin deeply, delay the appearance of wrinkles, and make you wake up looking fresh and rested.

We tried and tested many beauty products and grandma’s recipes, and we found a beauty routine inspired by the best Ayurvedic face beauty tips. This Ayurvedic beauty routine uses only natural ingredients such as oils (always an important part of Ayurveda) and anise (great for wrinkles). So let’s get started with The Indian Rose’s ultimate Ayurvedic bedtime beauty routine.

Step # 1: Warm Water

If you have makeup on, you should first start melting it by washing your face with warm water. Do not dry your face as now comes the second step of the Ayurvedic bedtime beauty routine.

Step # 2: Ayurvedic Oil

Massage oil all over your face and neck with your hands, then remove it with the help of a cotton swab or, even better, with a natural sponge (we recommend a konjac sponge).

Can you remove makeup with oil? You’ll be surprised, natural oils work wonders as non-chemical makeup removal agents. Try it!

Which oil to use for makeup removal? As usual, Ayurveda teaches us to use:

coconut oil in summer, because we need more hydration, and because it’s a cooling oil

and sesame oil in winter, it’ll warm up your skin

Massaging your face with oil is the key step of the Ayurvedic bedtime beauty routine as regularly using oils is one of the main Ayurvedic face beauty tips, and one of the fundamentals in this ancient science’s approach to health.

Step # 3: Warm Water again!

After having removed oil with a sponge, wash your face with warm water again as that’ll help remove excess oil and makeup. At this point you might want to follow a different Ayurvedic bedtime beauty routine depending on whether you are wearing makeup or not. So read on the next point for more Ayurvedic face beauty tips.

Step # 3: Besan or Natural Soap

If you are wearing little or no makeup, or if your makeup is natural (we hope it is!) then the next step of the Ayurvedic bedtime beauty routine is to wash your face with besan. Besan is gram flour, similar to chickpea flour; we listed some of the benefits of gram flour here.

In short, the benefits of washing face with besan are due to besan’s antibacterial properties, its cleansing properties thanks to saponin content, and beauty properties, as it is a natural exfoliating agent. It’s not surprising then that using besan instead of soap is a popular Ayurvedic face beauty tip.

How to use besan as face wash? Simply mix besan with some warm water in your hands and massage it on your face and neck area. Basically, use it as soap (but read this before using besan for babies).

Now, if your are wearing heavy makeup, we suggest you use Aleppo soap (see how to use Aleppo soap) as it is the best option for face when it comes to soap. Please do not use a chemical soap as that would make the whole Ayurvedic bedtime beauty routine pointless.

Step # 4: Again, Warm Water!

Be sure you remove all besan or soap particles by washing your face with warm water again. Leaving your face free of external agents is also an important Ayurvedic face beauty tip.

Step # 5: Ayurvedic face cleanser

Here is another great Ayurvedic face beauty tip that you can actually use as a morning beauty ritual too. Make a super simple Ayurvedic face cleanser with rose!

Use it as a toner – the last product of our Ayurvedic beauty routine – to get rid of besan or soap particles and to make your skin look rejuvenating.

Ayurvedic face cleanser recipe

This is a very simple Ayurvedic face cleanser recipe that’ll take 5 minutes of preparation.

Rose will make your skin glow and anise is one of the best natural remedies for wrinkles

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  • 1 rose
  • 3 anise


  • Boil 3 anise in half liter of water for 10 minutes
  • Let cool down
  • Place the petals from one rose in the anise water and let infuse for 1 full day without exposing it to heat

This Ayurvedic face cleanser will last 2 weeks but you can freeze half of it for later use.

As you can see, this Ayurvedic beauty routine is not only easy, but also cheap! In the future we want to write more and more about Ayurvedic face beauty tips. For now, let us know what bedtime beauty routine you follow in the comments below!

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