Dimple Kapadia Bobby Look

Dimple Kapadia Bobby Look


Dimple Kapadia Bobby look is perfect for a retro party simply because it is one of those evergreen looks of Indian cinema people just won’t forget easily. She was such a young beauty when the movie that made her famous came out! Like we previously did with Meena Kumari style, Kajol and others, today The Indian Rose will uncover the details of Dimple Kapadia Bobby look, including Dimple Kapadia Bobby age, Dimple Kapadia Bobby dress, accessories, hairstyle of Dimple Kapadia, Dimple Kapadia makeup and Dimple Kapadia dressing style. This tutorial will be of great help if you are getting ready for a retro party, so let’s get started!


Dimple Kapadia Bobby age

Dimple Kapadia was only 16 when she appeared in Bobby, that’s why if you want to imitate Dimple Kapadia Bobby look you should not overdo it, especially with makeup.


Dimple Kapadia Bobby dress


Dimple Kapadia Bobby dress

For Dimple Kapadia Bobby look, just wear a black and white polka dot shirt and knot it at the front, leaving most of your belly visible. Get a short high waist blue skater skirt with gold buttons at the front, a pair of black flat sandals and you are ready! Dimple Kapadia Bobby look was actually quite a trend-setter for the year the movie was released (1973). The polka dot shirt with the skater skirt might look like an everyday look now, but it wasn’t in the 70s! Opt for this look for a Bollywood retro party and everybody will immediately understand who your inspiration was!


Dimple Kapadia Bobby look accessories


Dimple Kapadia Bobby look – accessories

The character played by Dimple Kapadia is a Goan Christian girl, as such, she wears a gold cross necklace. Nothing else because, as we said, the look is very simple.


Hairstyle of Dimple Kapadia

Dimple Kapadia is still well known for her beautiful hair. Dimple Kapadia Bobby look features a very simple hairstyle that relies on the beauty of her mane. She has long voluminous hair tied in a medium height ponytail knotted with a white ribbon and a gajra on the side. Dimple Kapadia hairstyle, as seen from the front, consists of a voluminous side parted bang fringe, again very natural, nothing like the super bangs that characterised the 60s! Dimple Kapadia hairstyle in Bobby was a sign that times were changing, hairstyle-wise. The articulate hairstyles of the 60s, carried so well by Sharmila Tagore, were giving way to more natural hairstyles like those of Zeenat Aman retro look and Dimple Kapadia.


hairstyle of Dimple Kapadia


Dimple Kapadia makeup

Being 16, Dimple Kapadia makeup in the movie is minimal. She has peachy skin, thin but well defined dark eyebrows, dark brown eye-shadow to define the eye crease, light eye-shadow on the brow bone, a layer of eyeliner to define the upper and lower lash line (not winged like in the 60s), and soft mascara. The lips are natural brown and glossy. As you can see, even Dimple Kapadia makeup in Bobby is very natural and easy to achieve.


Dimple Kapadia makeup


Summarising, we can say that Dimple Kapadia Bobby look is fresh, very girl next door. That makes it achievable by everyone, and in a very short time.
Dimple Kapadia’s style has evolved a lot after Bobby, and today she is regarded as one of the most stylish Indian celebrities.

Dimple Kapadia dressing style: apart from Bobby, she always had a unique dressing style. One look that made history was her red saree with red bindu in Sagar. While in Bobby she was dressed in a Western style, in other movies she wore lots of ethnic outfits. More recently, Dimple Kapadia wears age-appropriate clothes including stylish sarees, and prefers light colors. Her dressing style is appreciated by gossip newspapers but she is not really fond of making a fuss about it!


We hope you liked this tutorial on Dimple Kapadia Bobby look, and that it was useful for your retro party!


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