How to Make Toothpaste without Baking Soda

How to Make Toothpaste without Baking Soda


How to make toothpaste without baking soda is a topic of interest for people who doubt baking soda can be consumed on a daily basis. As we will see, baking soda can be aggressive on teeth, if used excessively. In this tutorial, The Indian Rose suggests to only use natural and safe ingredients, making this natural cardamom toothpaste perfect for kids too. We chose a recipe that’s extremely easy to make and cheap, because we know people get put off by impossible to find ingredients and lengthy preparations. You will be surprised by how easy it is to make toothpaste without baking soda. You will notice that we use cardamom for this homemade toothpaste without baking soda, that is because cardamom is one of the most powerful remedies against bad breath in Ayurveda. Enjoy safety and freshness by learning how to make toothpaste without baking soda and how to make cardamom toothpaste!


How to Make Natural Toothpaste


First of all, why making a natural toothpaste at home? Well, most commercial toothpastes contain fluoride, which is said by some to be the best ally of dental hygiene, and by others to be an endocrine disruptor. The effects of fluorine are controversial. And so are those of triclosan, widely present in toothpastes. Moreover, commercial toothpastes often contain artificial flavors, which are also questionable for the overall health. Commercial toothpastes cannot be ingested, and that alone says a lot about their safety.

So the first reason why you should learn how to make toothpaste without baking soda, and natural toothpastes in general, is safety. A homemade toothpaste, especially if without baking soda, is safe and can be used by children too.

The second reason why you should learn how to make natural toothpaste is because it is cheap. That is important because most fluoride-free natural toothpastes available in health stores are expensive (and sometimes even toxic!). That’s enough of a reason for wanting to learn how to make toothpaste without baking soda!

Finally, you should remember that you do not actually need toothpaste at all. What is important for dental health is the toothbrush. The toothpaste is just an aid for scraping, and a breath freshener.

It is also important to add that toothpaste tubes cannot be recycled, so by making homemade toothpaste you are positively contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Now, how to make natural toothpaste? According to us, a good natural toothpaste must contain only natural ingredients, nothing artificial. One of the basic principles of Ayurveda is: you shouldn’t put on your skin what you would not eat. That is even truer when it comes to teeth! There are many ways to make natural toothpaste at home. Today we want to talk about how to make cardamom toothpaste because cardamom is widely used for freshening breath in India. You will notice that we won’t use cardamom essential oil. The drawback of essential oils is that they are expensive, and if you do not use them for other purposes, it can be a waste of money. If you are new to essential oils, check out cassia oil emotional benefits.

Let’s now see how to make toothpaste without baking soda.


Why Make Toothpaste without Baking Soda


First of all let’s see why making toothpaste without baking soda. One of the fundamental tasks of a good toothpaste is to remove food residues WITHOUT scratching or being too aggressive with the enamel.

Baking soda is a gentle abrasive. It is not too aggressive but shouldn’t be used on a daily basis either. Many people complain of teeth sensitivity after using baking soda on a daily basis. That is why we recommend learning how to make toothpaste without baking soda, because you can use a natural homemade toothpaste with baking soda twice a week, and this natural toothpaste without baking soda the rest of the days. That way you’ll be gentler with your teeth and that is going to be beneficial in the long term.

Another reason why you might want to know how to make toothpaste without baking soda is because baking soda poses the risk of bleaching teeth. Baking soda bleaches teeth by oxidizing the stains on the enamel. By being so aggressive, prolonged, everyday use of baking soda might not be beneficial in the long run. Do not worry though, the coconut oil we use for our cardamom toothpaste recipe is also tooth whitening!

Baking soda however, carried out the important task of neutralising the acidic environment formed by sugars in contact with your teeth, that are responsible for cavities and bad breath. That is why we include Himalayan salt in our recipe, because Himalayan salt is able to do the same, in a gentler way.


how to make natural toothpaste

How to Make Cardamom Toothpaste (toothpaste without baking soda)


This cardamom toothpaste is very Ayurvedic! It is made with Indian ingredients that are known to be beneficial to dental health and effective in getting rid of bad breath naturally and fast. Let’s take a moment to explain why we use certain ingredients to make this toothpaste without baking soda.

Coconut Oil: coconut oil is the star of natural toothpastes. The reason is that it contains lauric acid, which is a powerful antibacterial against causes of cavities, tooth decay and bad breath. Moreover, coconut oil is used in India, and increasingly in the West, to whiten teeth (see oil pulling). Another obvious reason why we include coconut oil in how to make toothpaste without baking soda is because of its texture, perfect for a toothpaste.

Himalayan Salt: Himalayan salt has been used since ancient times as a teeth cleaning agent in the North of India. Himalayan salt is THE essential ingredient if you want to learn how to make toothpaste without baking soda. That is because Himalayan salt does exactly what baking soda does, but more gently: it restores a neutral Ph. It neutralizes the acidic environment generated by sugars in the mouth, thus eliminating bad breath and discouraging the formation of cavities. Moreover, its potassium content is beneficial to bleeding gums. You will have to dissolve salt in water before adding, in order to avoid any teeth abrasion.

Cardamom: so why should you learn how to make toothpaste with cardamom? Well, cardamom has a number of benefits for both bad breath and digestion, which are deeply interrelated. First of all cardamom is a relative of ginger. As such, it has digestion aid properties. Thus, it is perfectly OK, and even beneficial, to swallow the cardamom homemade toothpaste we present you today. Cardamom is also an antioxidant, and contains magnesium and zinc, which protect the teeth. Most importantly, the main reason why we include cardamom in the how to make toothpaste without baking soda is because it is one of the most powerful breath fresheners in Ayurveda. In fact, chewing on a cardamom pod is enough to get rid of bad breath instantly. That is what we do in India!

Cinnamon: cinnamon is antibacterial, thus it helps in cleaning teeth. It also smells and tastes amazing. It acts against bacteria that cause bad breath, and freshens the mouth.


cardamom toothpaste


Let’s now come to the

cardamom toothpaste recipe



  • Coconut Oil
  • Half tsp fine Himalayan salt dissolved in a teaspoon of hot water
  • 1 tsp cardamom powder (buy grounded or ground yourself)
  • Half tsp cinnamon powder



  • Coconut oil should be soft, so leave it in a warm place before starting
  • Mix all the ingredients together with the help of a blender, so that your cardamom toothpaste becomes even
  • Store in a small glass jar
  • Use a teaspoon to get the right amount to put on brush as dipping the toothbrush in the jar can spread bacteria.
  • Store in a closed glass jar for up to 2 weeks.

Enjoy this gentle cardamom toothpaste without baking soda!


how to make cardamom toothpaste



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