How to Use Aleppo Soap

How to Use Aleppo Soap
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How to use Aleppo soap is something I have been wondering about for a while: I knew lots of people loved Aleppo soap but I couldn’t understand why. Well, now I know, I know how to find the best Aleppo soap, and I learned how important the Aleppo soap laurel oil percentage is. In order not to overwhelm you with information, I’ll focus only on the most beneficial Aleppo soap uses. Enjoy this The Indian Rose tutorial on how to use Aleppo soap!

What Is Aleppo Soap?

Aleppo soap is a 100% natural soap. Its ONLY ingredients are:

Olive oil

Laurel berry oil


That’s it! When we talk about how to use Aleppo soap we only refer to PURE soap, made of those 3 ingredients.

In case you are wondering, laurel berry oil comes from the berries of the tree that gives us bay leaves, and lye is a sodium hydroxide similar to ashes.

Why is it called Aleppo soap? Because it originates in Aleppo, Syria, and is still mostly produced there. Its history dates back to the times of Cleopatra, who apparently loved it!

What Is Aleppo Soap

What Does Aleppo Soap Smell Like?

If you enjoy artificial scents, forget about Aleppo soap. Aleppo soap is basically scent-free, with a touch of grandma’s clean clothes kind of smell, and a bit of the herby scent of laurel oil. It is pleasant but not perfumed!

How to Spot the Best Quality Aleppo Soap

Before you learn how to use Aleppo soap you should know what kind of product you are buying. First of all, real Aleppo soap contains ONLY olive oil, laurel oil, and lye. Stay away from products containing any other ingredient.

Now what defines the best quality Aleppo soap is Aleppo soap laurel oil percentage. The higher the laurel oil percentage, the better, and the more expensive. Laurel oil percentage can range between 6% and 60%, but a soap containing 20% to 40% is generally of good quality. The best and most durable Aleppo soaps, however, have a 40 to 70% laurel oil content. If you have dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, or are looking for a natural remedy for ichthyosis, pick the highest laurel oil percentage available.

How to recognise a top quality Aleppo soap? First of all, the colour should be brownish on the outside and greenish on the inside, not uniform. The darker the colour, the more laurel oil percentage, and the more aged (meaning better quality). Moreover, real Aleppo soap should float in water.

Here is my new addiction this is THE BEST ALEPPO SOAP ON THE MARKET. It has a 70% laurel oil content, which is the highest you can get. It makes such a difference on your skin. You pay a bit more, but it lasts longer as it is firmer than lower quality ones

Now you know exactly how to spot the best quality Aleppo soap, let’s see how to use Aleppo soap, and its benefits.

Aleppo Soap Benefits

Here are the amazing benefits of Aleppo soap:

  • Aleppo soap is antiseptic, antibiotic, anti-fungal, and moth-repellent, but not aggressive
  • It is moisturising: Aleppo soap is basically made of oil. That is why, when we talk about how to use Aleppo soap, we recommend it for dry skin
  • Laurel and olive oil are soothing, so they are good for people with damaged skin. Moreover, the long ageing process of Aleppo soap brings its Ph down, making it super gentle and healing
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • It contains all the vitamins our skin needs: vitamin A for the immune system, vitamin C for skin tissues, vitamin E against toxins, and vitamin F for nutritious fatty acids
  • It is 100% natural, good for you, and good for the environment, since it is biodegradable

Now we will see how to use Aleppo soap, and believe us, you are in for a surprise!

How To Use Aleppo Soap at Home

This is a list of the main uses of Aleppo soap, if you use it for something else too, please let us know in the comments section below.

Aleppo soap for hair: it is one of the best dry, zero waste shampoos ever. How to use Aleppo soap for hair? Soak the soap bar in water for a few minutes, then apply it directly on the scalp and hair, massage, and wash it off completely. For best results, apply a oil hair mask before washing. Is Aleppo soap good for hair? Yes it is, because laurel oil gives the hair all the vitamins it needs, and helps thickening it.

Aleppo soap for skin: it is simply the best soap for your skin. It is so gentle and hydrating that it can be used as a intimate care soap too.

Aleppo soap for babies: do not waste money on expensive pharmacy soaps, Aleppo soap is the most gentle option for your baby.

Aleppo soap for teeth: you might be surprised to hear this, but Aleppo soap is great as a toothpaste substitute. That is because, unlike regular toothpaste, it does not remove your teeth’s natural protection. You can use it in combination with our toothpaste without baking soda and Indian remedies for bad breath for extra freshness.

Make-up remover: you will find your skin clean and hydrated, especially if you remove your make-up with oil first, and then wash your face with Aleppo soap. Is Aleppo soap good for face? I am using it nearly everyday and my skin never felt better!

Aleppo soap for household cleaning: it is a perfect soap for light everyday cleaning: for the dishes, kitchen bars and table, for the washing machine, and for all surfaces. It is gentle and natural, so it is perfect if you have children at home. Just boil some soap in water to obtain a soapy liquid.

Aleppo soap for shaving: use it as a shaving foam and you will see how good your skin will feel afterwards.

So, basically, you can use Aleppo soap for just about everything! But there are some more specific, healing uses we should also discuss…

Aleppo Soap for Hair

What Is Aleppo Soap Good for?

Here are some specific uses of Aleppo soap for common ailments.

Aleppo soap for dandruff: because of its fatty acids and vitamin E content, it softens the scalp, preventing scaling. Wash your hair no more than 2 or 3 times a week, and wait a couple of weeks to see results.

Aleppo soap for eczema: is Aleppo soap good for eczema? You bet! Aleppo soap is the best soap for people suffering from eczema as it does not dry out the skin, it does not irritate, and alleviates itchiness.

Aleppo soap for psoriasis: same as eczema

Rosacea: it alleviates the symptoms

Aleppo soap for dry skin: it is the only moisturising soap on the market

Herpes: cures without irritating it

Acne: it cleanses without removing the sebum completely, so it does not cause the skin to produce more subum. You can use it as a face soap, or as a mask, allowing it to dry and then washing it off.

Does Aleppo Soap Work?

Members of our team and friends have tried Aleppo soap for psoriasis, extreme dry ski, teeth and dandruff, and yes, Aleppo soap does work.

Is Aleppo Soap Vegan?

Yes, if we are talking about pure, best quality Aleppo soap, then it is vegan.

Is Aleppo Soap Still Being Made?

While production of Aleppo soap slowed down in the last 10 years in Syria, it is now reportedly increasing again. Aleppo soap is also made in Turkey.

Is Aleppo Soap Safe?

Pure Aleppo soap is safe, even on babies.

What is the difference? Aleppo soap vs Castile soap

While in Aleppo soap 2 oils are used (olive and laurel), to make Castile soap only olive oil is used. Castile soap does not feature the amazing benefits of laurel oil, hence its uses are more limited. Castile is however a very good soap

Apart from how to use Aleppo soap we covered lots of related issues, if you have further questions, feel free to write them in the comment section below.

Aleppo Soap Uses

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