Paan Chuna for Height: Myths and Realities

Paan Chuna for Height: Myths and Realities
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Paan chuna for height is popular due to the supposed growth stimulation properties of chuna. In this article we will explore the topic of paan chuna for height from an Ayurvedic, as well as a scientific perspective. We will also list the benefits and side effects of paan chuna and reveal how to make paan chuna at home. The Indian Rose today is all about paan chuna for height!


What Is Paan Chuna?


Before we talk about paan chuna for height, let’s define what is paan chuna. Paan Chuna is a rolled betel leaf (paan) containing calcium hydroxide (chuna) and typically other ingredients such as spices, seeds and pastes.

Chuna comes from powdered Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) found on limestone and seashells. Calcium carbonate goes through a heating process to become calcium oxide. Calcium oxide is in turn treated with water to create calcium hydroxide, which is edible lime or chuna. Chuna is used in paan to freshen its flavour, and for its health benefits.

Paan chuna in English: paan chuna is translated in English as paan with edible lime powder or pickling lime

Paan chuna in Hindi: पान चूना

Paan chuna chemical name: paan with powdered calcium hydroxide

With this small introduction in mind, let’s examine paan chuna for height.


How to Get Chuna outside India


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Paan Chuna for Height


There has been much talking about Paan Chuna for height in Ayurveda. Let’s examine claims, myths and realities.

Height growth and nutrition: First of all, let’s debunk the myth that it is impossible to increase height with nutrition. Later we will see if paan chuna for height is a good option, but for now let’s just say that height in China has grown a lot in the last 30 years, and that is not due to genetic modifications but to better nutrition.

Age limit: Good news for people who want to increase their height? Not exactly. In fact, according to the medical and scientific community, for most people it is impossible to grow taller after puberty, although some lucky ones grow until their early 20s. That means that the benefits of paan chuna for height can only be enjoyed until the early twenties at the latest.

Ayurveda: There are some Ayurvedic and naturist doctors who claim it is possible to grow taller at any age, and some of them recommend paan chuna for height, but that claim is not backed by science.

Paan Chuna for height properties: Let’s now examine why paan chuna for height is supposedly effective. Chuna is basically a source of calcium, as such it can strengthen and help develop bones, as well as increase metabolic activity. Those 2 factors are key in height gain and growth in general, and that is why it is claimed that paan chuna for height works.

How to take chuna for height? See our tutorial: can chuna be taken with milk?

If paan chuna for height can work for people under 23 years old, it must also be added that paan in general shouldn’t be consumed by children if it contains supari. If you are an adult, make your own choice, but if you would like to use paan chuna for height in children, talk to the pediatrician before doing so. Many Ayurveda professionals recommend giving teenagers a glass of curd with a wheat grain size of chuna during growth spurts. That’s a more child friendly way to consume chuna for height instead of in paan.

Before you decide taking paan chuna for height, or give it to your children, have a look at the paan chuna side effects below.

paan chuna for height

Paan Chuna Side Effects


Of course paan chuna has benefits, and it might help healthy growth, but it also comes with side effects, so let’s discover them.

  • The first thing to say regarding paan chuna side effects is that the dosis of one wheat grain size a day should never be exceeded, as that can put kidneys at risk of stone formation.
  • Paan chuna for height shouldn’t be taken regularly, as it can be heavy on kidneys.
  • People who have kidney problems or have suffered from kidney stones in the past should avoid consuming paan chuna for height.
  • Children below 12 years of age are advised against consuming paan chuna for height growth as it can be heavy on stomach and kidneys.
  • One paan chuna side effect is the fact that chuna can become toxic if it goes off, and betel leaves can carry salmonella.
  • If paan chuna for height contains supari, the areca nut, or tobacco, paan chuna side effects multiplicate and include cancer inducing risks. Please read our article on the dangers of paan for more information.

Does paan chuna cause tongue ulcer? Some people complain about getting tongue ulcers from paan chuna, however, that is most likely caused by other ingredients contained in paan, or by an excessive amount of chuna.

Paan chuna burn, can it happen? Paan chuna can cause burns in some people, again if the chuna content is too hugh that’s more likely to happen. Also, paan chuna can cause burn when the mouth is already weak or cranked.

Aside paan chuna side effects, paan chuna for height can have benefits. Let’s see which ones they are.

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Paan Chuna Benefits


Paan chuna for height, if consumed without areca nut and without tobacco, has the following benefits according Ayurveda:

  • Anti-microbial
  • Metabolism stimulant
  • Can prevent hair fall
  • Used in Ayurvedic treatment against arthritis
  • Helps heal bone fractures
  • According to Ayurveda, one of the main benefits of paan chuna is potentiating mental capacity by improving memory and attention
  • Soothing toothache
  • Ayurvedic doctors use ot to improve fertility in both men and women
  • Healing sciatica
  • Another important paan chuna benefit in Ayurveda is pacifying the Vata dosha


How is Paan Chuna Made


Paan chuna is made by filling the betel leaf with a wheat grain size portion of chuna and other paan ingredients (typically supari and kaththa) plus optional ingredients such as fennel seeds, tobacco, cardamom, rose petal jam atc. The betel leaf is then rolled into a triangle.

How to make Paan Chuna at home? You can buy betel leaves and chuna from a paan shop (they come in big bags) or online, then you can get creative with other ingredients. If you would like to learn how to fold paan, and get some ingredients inspirations, check out this tutorial.

Uses of Paan Chuna: apart from paan chuna for height, other uses of paan chuna are mainly linked to its flavour, its mouth freshening properties, and Ayurvedic benefits.


Whether you choose to use paan chuna for height, or just for its flavour, we hope we provided the information you needed. Let us know if you have more questions regarding paan chuna for height in the comment section below.


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16 thoughts on “Paan Chuna for Height: Myths and Realities”

  • May I good morning or good afternoon my age is 23 y old may I take the paan China how much I have to take, how to take & paan chuna daily working days or not

    • Hi Arun, in Ayurveda it is recommended not to take more than a wheat grain size of chuna per day, and only during a limited period of time. However, you should consult your doctor before taking chuna.

  • Hi there
    I wanted to confirm whether taking chuna will help me overcoming my neck pain or overcoming bad posture due to weak backbone and, also i would like to confirm if it helps in overcoming survical!

    • Hi Sahil, chuna can be beneficial to bones as it contains calcium. However, I think your problems need a more holistic approach, you might benefit from yoga or postural gymnastics, and from massages. Please see a doctor, chiropractic, or osteopath, and they will advise on the best strategy ahead.

    • Thank you for your comment. Chuna becomes toxic if it is very old, and if it is kept in a humid and hot place. Also, if the dosis of one wheat grain size a day is not respected, and if taken for long periods of time, chuna can create kidney and stomach problems.

  • I’m a 15 y/o teenager girl can I take chuna does it really do work for me at 15 or not and how much I consume it per day and how long does it take to see results ?

    • there is no guarantee it will work. and you should consult your parents and your doctor before using it

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